All pictures are used with the written consent of the client used for educational purposes only and may not be copied.  No photoshop has been performed.

No one will be denied access to care based on inability to pay, race, color, sex, national origin, disability, religion, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity AND a sliding fee schedule is available to all patients through Trinity Health and Wellness, LLC


When you order supplements from Trinity Health and Wellness, LLC you have the option to order through our online partner, Fullscript.  There you can receive the prescriptions we send you via text/email, schedule refill reminders, and view product information yourself.  Safe, Secure, and HIPPA compliant.


The goal of supplements is to do just that, supplement the diet.  Here at Trinity Health and Wellness, we dedicate our time and research into providing the best supplements that are free from dyes, fillers, and preservatives that can be harmful to the body.  We use the top neutraceuticals on the market and most importantly take them ourselves.  Visit our page on to be able to search supplements on your own or ask us for a prescription today!  This prescription can be conveniently emailed and text for fast and efficient ordering.

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